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Weight Management

At both office locations patients are treated for medical supervised weight loss. We realize that all patients situations are unique therefore an individualized weight loss program is customized to meet their needs. Our office does not use fad diets but advise patients how to make healthy food choices. Each weight loss patient leaves the office with a diet guide to assist their daily food selections whether at the grocery store or while dining out at restaurants.  This is an important structure that will affect not only the patient but for their entire household.  It is positive reinforcement for a lifestyle change to healthy living.  Our patients are strongly advised not to frequent fast food restaurants if at all possible but rather to go to a local deli or produce departments of major grocers to promote a nutritious medley.

If an appetite suppressant is necessary one appropriate for the patient such as Adipex or Phentermine will be recommended.  Other patients benefit from HCG.

In some cases a minority of individuals are advised of surgery as an option.  Our medical professionals will assist those patients to a reputable bariatric center.

Exercise is always a vital part of a weight loss program.   Various exercise options will be discussed with  patients and then analyzed if there is a possible medical condition that will prohibit it.

Of course, in any weight loss program patients must stay well hydrated with adequate hydration such as water.